1st stop. Buffalo Creek

It had been 634 days to get back to this place in my life. When my last road trip ended I was heart broken. I remember that day so clearly when I unpacked my van and rented a room from a friend back in Colorado Springs. I remember unexpectedly crying and feeling immense grief asContinue reading “1st stop. Buffalo Creek”

Backpacking trip to the Wind River Range – Pinedale Wy

Ahhh! That sweet sweet vanlife! One of the many times I stayed in a Walmart parking lot. I haven’t shopped at Walmart in years but since I have been utilizing their free camping so I thought it would be only fair to purchase some groceries. I did end up getting my first batch of cherriesContinue reading “Backpacking trip to the Wind River Range – Pinedale Wy”

The best boat is Steamboat!

After a great time in Vail with my friends Paul and Becca I made my way to Steamboat Springs Colorado. Steamboat was one of my Colorado bucket list locations. Being a Colorado native there are lots of iconic mountain locations that I have not yet seen. In a matter of a couple of weeks IContinue reading “The best boat is Steamboat!”

Backpacking Coyote Gulch – Glen Canyon Recreation Area

After I arrived to the town of Escalante and got resupplied, I picked up a hitchhiker that had just finished hiking the Boulder Mail Trail by the name of Chris. Chris was super cool and we quickly became friends. Chris writes science fiction books and has a turquoise blue converted van. He recommended this backpackingContinue reading “Backpacking Coyote Gulch – Glen Canyon Recreation Area”

Backpacking Little Death Hollow/Wolverine Canyon Videos

This video covers the start of the hike and the slot canyon in Little Death Hollow.  Part 2 This video shows off my campsite along the Escalante river, Wolverine Canyon, and the Petrified Forest. 

Desert Backpacking at Little Death Hollow

So for many years I’ve been dreaming about this location that my good friend Nick had told me about. It’s located deep in the Escalante Grand Staircase National Monument and finally had a chance to check it out on my road trip. It was the best adventure so far!  I found an amazing car campingContinue reading “Desert Backpacking at Little Death Hollow”

An overnight in Cucharras Canyon 4.3.2016

cucharas canyon.. What a gem this place is. I really feel like I discovered this place for backpacking. With a 2 hour drive from Colorado Springs you will find this place all to yourself. I have backpacked this area 3 times and only every r saw 2 hunters. You start at an old ranch andContinue reading “An overnight in Cucharras Canyon 4.3.2016”

Phantom Terrace: The adventures of the Comanche/Venable loop

Another great backpacking trip of 2012. This time was with seth and he as become a strong hiker over the summer. This was a beautiful route and full of adventure. It was a bit busier as far as people goes but its also a very popular route. The highlight of course is the terrifying PhantomContinue reading “Phantom Terrace: The adventures of the Comanche/Venable loop”

Macey Lakes Sange De Christo Wilderness 6.30- 7.1 2012

Ok so its been a while since I got a good macro shot like this one but I think its awesome! Look the fly is sticking his tounge out. With wicked wildfires and smokey air tapering off in Colorado Springs I wanted to get out of town for some more backpacking in my favorite areaContinue reading “Macey Lakes Sange De Christo Wilderness 6.30- 7.1 2012”