Desert Backpacking at Little Death Hollow

So for many years I’ve been dreaming about this location that my good friend Nick had told me about. It’s located deep in the Escalante Grand Staircase National Monument and finally had a chance to check it out on my road trip. It was the best adventure so far!  I found an amazing car camping locations along with a overnight backpacking trip down little death Hollow to the Escalante River and back up Wolverine Canyon. It was such a joy and I feel very lucky to be able to experience an adventure like this. .

After my trip to Bryce Canyon I made my way to Escalante and did a resupply. After resupplying in the town of Escalante I made my way to The Little Death Hollow Trailhead. and found an amazing campsite for my van with this view just a mile away from the trailhead.

Upon getting there in the evening I took a quick hike to explore the area. If you take a look you can see my van off in the distance.

Starting the day right with some hash browns scrambled eggs and bacon. Got to get fueled up for the backpacking trip!

So I started off at about midday and was greeted to some footpath down the wide part of the canyon.

The guidebook I’ve been using had mentioned petroglyphs near the start of the trail on a big boulder. After inspecting a couple Boulders I found what I was looking for. If you ever plan on hiking this area be sure to get this book Non-Technical Canyon Hiking Guide to the Colorado Plateau

Along the way I was greeted with a couple neat little arches off to the left side of the canyon.

And after about a mile or so down the canyon it starts to narrow up. It’s a cool feeling to hike down and know that eventually this canyon is going to turn into a narrow slot.

I thought this tiger striping on the side of the cliff always pretty neat!

And here I am starting to enter the tights slot area of Little Death Hollow Canyon. I was looking forward to getting into the narrow part of the canyon to cool off.

Eventually the slots led to some pools. The pools were in the deep parts of the slot and we’re only about 20 – 30 ft long .  It was a little out of my comfort zone jumping into  water pools but I quickly got used to it. Especially on this very hot day

Slot canyons are so photogenic.

Here I am exiting the slot canyon area making my way down towards Horse Canyon and eventually to my campsite at the Escalante River.

I had one of the most amazing camp spots located right off the Escalante River at the end of Horse Canyon. I had my own private sandy beach and a cool Escalante River to cool of in.

After a good night’s rest the next day I headed up Horse canyon to connect with Wolverine Canyon. There was water in Horse Canyon but it was alkaline and I avoided drinking it. The water from the Escalante River was much better.

Impressive rock walls were surrounding me 360°.

I believe this type of rock is called wingate sandstone.

A little ways down Horse Canyon near the exit of Little Death Hollow I found this old cabin. After inspecting, it was pretty gross.

There actually was a dirt road section going up Horse canyon after the the Little Death Hollow exit and before the start of Wolveriene. It was about a mile long and went by quickly.

So here I am in Wolverine Canyon. Wolverine Canyon had its own personality. Although there wasn’t a slot in this canyon at did narrow up nicely and was very scenic.

This was the narrowest part of Wolverine Canyon.

Wolverine Canyon also has a couple large undercuts like this one. Much more spectacular in person.

As I make my way higher up Wolverine Canyon the heat really turned up. It was at least 95 degrees with no shade.

Near the exit of Wolverine Canyon there’s a very impressive petrified forest. I just recently visited Petrified Forest National Park and felt these petrified logs were more impressive.

Check out my video of Wolverine Canyon and the petrified forest. 

Video of my trip to the Petrified Forest National Park.

So after finishing up the hike I treated myself with some all natural hot dogs and grass fed burgers topped with kimchi. Along with an extra large salad and a side of grilled mini peppers.

A little mini canyon next to where I car camped post hike.

Here’s a cool shot of a neat little car camping spot I found outside of the Little Death Hollow trailhead.
Sunsets! I live for the sunsets! What a great trip to this area and definitely will put it on my radar to go back. Studying the Colorado Plateau hiking guide there is so much more to explore in the Escalante area. . 

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