Troubles on the Road – Vanlife in New Mexico

After a long and wonderfull 3 months in the Colorado Mountains it was time to make my way back to Colorado Springs and visit my friends and family back home. I also needed to get some work done to my van. My check engine light turned on after I left Silverton and wanted to getContinue reading “Troubles on the Road – Vanlife in New Mexico”

Mineral Creek Road – Vanlife in Silverton CO

Full relaxation in my ARB Deluxe Room. Truthfully this is how I spent most of my time here. I didn’t have neighbors close by but 4×4 traffic would pass by me regularly. Often I would get a thumb’s up on my setup. I love that. When this room is set up I use it forContinue reading “Mineral Creek Road – Vanlife in Silverton CO”

ToHelluRide – Mountain Biking and Vanlife, Telluride CO

Being a Colorado native and a lover of the outdoors you would think I have visited the incredibly scenic mountain town of Telluride. Seeing how this summer is my summer to check off all my Colorado bucket list items it was time to visit. Telluride is packed with world-class mountain biking, ghost towns, unbelievable views,Continue reading “ToHelluRide – Mountain Biking and Vanlife, Telluride CO”

Drama with my Diesel Heater – Don’t make these mistakes!

It took me 2 Chinese Diesel Heater kits and 2 install attempts to get a working heater. Don’t make the mistakes I did! I have experience and confidence cutting holes into my minivan and making significant modifications but this project kicked my ass!! When I decided to do vanlife through the winter this year IContinue reading “Drama with my Diesel Heater – Don’t make these mistakes!”

Review – ARB 2500 x 2500 Awning and Deluxe Room

I have been absolutely thrilled with my ARB Awning and Deluxe Room combo. ARB is primarily known for their 4wd products but this system works excellent on my minivan camper. I previously had the ARB 2500×2000 Awning attached to the roof and enjoyed it quite a bit but felt the coverage was small and reallyContinue reading “Review – ARB 2500 x 2500 Awning and Deluxe Room”

Tincup Time! – Mountain Biking and Vanlife

Tincup is a tiny little town in the Taylor Park area. I got a tip on a campsite outside of town and it looked like an excellent option just being 1 hour away from Gunnison were I have been resupplying and staging adventures. On my way up Tincup Pass road I found this beautiful campsiteContinue reading “Tincup Time! – Mountain Biking and Vanlife”

Review -JPaks Adventure Bags

Back Story Before I met Joe I was using a large CamelBak and and several compression sacks for my bikepacking adventures. This was back when the concept of bikepacking was new and frame bags were not yet available unless you wanted to make your own. I quickly learned that bikepacking with a heavy Camelbak wasContinue reading “Review -JPaks Adventure Bags”

Crested Butte Redux–Mountain Biking and Vanlife

Summer nights in Crested Butte are most excellent!After resting for a day in Gunnison and stocking up on supplies I made my way back to Crested Butte to spend a week at a spot I had previously camped at in 2018. I ended up having a good time in 2018 and you can view thatContinue reading “Crested Butte Redux–Mountain Biking and Vanlife”

Road to Tarabithia–3 Day Epic Bikepacking Trip

Bikepacking makes the best friends!!! Joe, Kristen and myself smiling big after leaving the town of Crested Butte. After completing a week stay in Buffalo Creek I made my way down to Gunnison Colorado to meet my friends Joe and Kristen for a 3 day bikepacking trip around Crested Butte. I was riding my bikeContinue reading “Road to Tarabithia–3 Day Epic Bikepacking Trip”