Minivan Camper No Build Sleep and Chair System | Long Term Review

I have been on the road long enough to put my sleep system to the test. Finding the right sleep system for my for my Honda Odyssey Minivan Camper build took some trial and error. Amazon links: Millard Tri-Fold Mattress (Blue Cover, Twin XL, 4.5 ” Foam) Millard Tri-Fold Mattress (Plain Cover, Twin XL, 6-7″Continue reading “Minivan Camper No Build Sleep and Chair System | Long Term Review”

One of the most incredible places I have ever visited

In the depths of the Escalante Grand Staircase National Monument is home to the most incredible hoodoos I have ever laid my eyes on. Being highly difficult to access, I had to drive deep into the desert backcountry, bike 10 miles, then hike several more to view these jaw dropping wonders of nature. I’ll letContinue reading “One of the most incredible places I have ever visited”

Little Van in Big Places | Page AZ

After being static in Prescott for a couple weeks I was excited to get on the road and have some action. I was feeling my groove and my Van was driving fantastic. I highly recommend this Bencmark Maps Atlas regardless of what state you’re in. And the Non-Technical Canyon Hiking Guide to the Colorado PlateauContinue reading “Little Van in Big Places | Page AZ”

Grand Caravan Minivan Camper Build! – Prescott Arizona

After and Amazing time in Southern Arizona spring is around the corner and it was time to make my way north. My first stop was to the town of Prescott Arizona to visit my friend Dace and his Mom Chris. Dace is working on his Grand Caravan camper conversion and I was here to helpContinue reading “Grand Caravan Minivan Camper Build! – Prescott Arizona”

Botanical Gardens, Mountain Biking, and a Bike Thief – Tucson AZ

Tucson is my favorite big city in Arizona. I love the comforting weather, 360 degree mountain views, easy access to free camping, and it’s big city amenities like Costco and In and Out Burger. It also comes with its problems too. I decided to stealth camp in the city the night before a shuttle rideContinue reading “Botanical Gardens, Mountain Biking, and a Bike Thief – Tucson AZ”

In Depth Tour of my Minivan Camper Odie

I love to show off my self built Minivan Camper that I have affectionately named Odie (short for Odyssey). This video will give you a comprehensive look at the build. You can also read about the build process and see behind the scenes photos in this blog post here. ARB Side Room and Awning ReviewContinue reading “In Depth Tour of my Minivan Camper Odie”

Land of the Giant Cactus, Ajo Arizona

I have really been enjoying my campsite in Ajo Arizona. Ajo is an old copper mining town that hasn’t come back to life after the mine closed in 1985. Ajo is truly in the middle of nowhere about 120 miles from Tucson, 100 miles from Phoenix and 100 miles from Yuma. I have been fascinatedContinue reading “Land of the Giant Cactus, Ajo Arizona”

Review – How I Shower in a Minivan

Really its an outdoor shower setup that will work for just about any camper. My simple outdoor shower setup consists of the following items all availalble on Amazon without breaking your budget. I hope this helps give you some ideas on what might work for you. YouTube video tour HERE –Pop up Shower Stall –RechargeableContinue reading “Review – How I Shower in a Minivan”

Vanlife is the Best Life – Vanlife and Mountain Biking Sedona AZ

After my job wrapped up in Telluride, I was ready to get back to the desert and seek warmer weather. I was checking the weather forecast and New Mexico was starting to get cold. I took a look at Sedona and their weather looked great. Sunny and mid 60s each day. I have never beenContinue reading “Vanlife is the Best Life – Vanlife and Mountain Biking Sedona AZ”