Macey Lakes Sange De Christo Wilderness 6.30- 7.1 2012


Ok so its been a while since I got a good macro shot like this one but I think its awesome! Look the fly is sticking his tounge out.

With wicked wildfires and smokey air tapering off in Colorado Springs I wanted to get out of town for some more backpacking in my favorite area the Sangre de Christo wilderness. This time exploring a different set of alpine lakes called the Macey Lakes. There were more people on this hike vs. the previous weekend, probably because its close the the 4th of July. Anyways the hike and camping were amazing.

I found a quick lil side trail off of the Rainbow Trail and camped for the night.  I was only maybe 2 miles into a 7 mile hike. This picture is of the small creek nearby.

 Rainbow trail heading to the Macey Lakes trail.

Macey Trailhead

Start of the Macey Trail that follows Macy creek most of the way up.

Old Cabin 

This be the wilderness sign

I need to keep hiking way up in there. This trip was a long distance.





Getting higher up you come across the very impressive Macey Falls. It was hard to get a good angle on this beautiful waterfall.

Lower Macey Lake. There is a higher lake on both sides of this one.



Hiking around looking for the trail to the upper lakes. Lets just say it took a little route finding. That is Colony Baldy off in the distance.

I looked everywhere up here for a camping spot by the Macey Lake that was above treeline. There were just not any to be found. So I left and headded to the other upper Macey Lake that was next to Colony Baldy Peak.

Columbines everywhere




So I got lucky and found an amazing camping spot in a clump of high alpine pines with 360 degree amazing views! I really want to come back here and fish a bit.

Almost bed time.

Hammock all ready for sleepy time


 One of the best cups of coffee I have ever had. 

One last viw of the lake before leaving. You really cant see it but there is a waterfall back at the lake inlet that was really cool.

Small waterfall on the outlet and I was out of here with a swift hike back to the car. That camping spot by the upper macey lake was really special. I had marmots haning out with me the whole time.

In case you missed it here is the nature video from this back country spot.
Backpacking Horn Lakes in Sangre De Christo Wilderness 6.29.12 from Jaydude on Vimeo.


2 thoughts on “Macey Lakes Sange De Christo Wilderness 6.30- 7.1 2012

  1. We were just there yesterday…I grew up in Westcliffe and absolutely love the lakes. Thanks for posting the beautiful pictures. Have you been to the Sand Creek Lakes yet? If not it is well worth it!


  2. I'm from Kansas and friend and I are hoping to make a trip out to Colorado in late June or early July. Since we don't get the opportunity to see the mountains often, we want to make sure we find a really spectacular place. This seems to be pretty amazing. Would you recommend this hike or possibly another trail? Also, is this hike pretty secluded? Any info would help! Thanks!


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