Mineral Creek Road – Vanlife in Silverton CO

Full relaxation in my ARB Deluxe Room. Truthfully this is how I spent most of my time here. I didn’t have neighbors close by but 4×4 traffic would pass by me regularly. Often I would get a thumb’s up on my setup. I love that. When this room is set up I use it forContinue reading “Mineral Creek Road – Vanlife in Silverton CO”

ToHelluRide – Mountain Biking and Vanlife, Telluride CO

Being a Colorado native and a lover of the outdoors you would think I have visited the incredibly scenic mountain town of Telluride. Seeing how this summer is my summer to check off all my Colorado bucket list items it was time to visit. Telluride is packed with world-class mountain biking, ghost towns, unbelievable views,Continue reading “ToHelluRide – Mountain Biking and Vanlife, Telluride CO”

1st stop. Buffalo Creek

It had been 634 days to get back to this place in my life. When my last road trip ended I was heart broken. I remember that day so clearly when I unpacked my van and rented a room from a friend back in Colorado Springs. I remember unexpectedly crying and feeling immense grief asContinue reading “1st stop. Buffalo Creek”

The best boat is Steamboat!

After a great time in Vail with my friends Paul and Becca I made my way to Steamboat Springs Colorado. Steamboat was one of my Colorado bucket list locations. Being a Colorado native there are lots of iconic mountain locations that I have not yet seen. In a matter of a couple of weeks IContinue reading “The best boat is Steamboat!”

Back on the road! – Crested Butte Vanlife

So after a month of housesitting in Colorado Springs it  was time to get back on the road! After my tour in the desert I had planned a tour loosely following the Continental Divide from Colorado To Glacier National Park in Montana. Here is my van parked on the crest of the Continental Divide onContinue reading “Back on the road! – Crested Butte Vanlife”

Mountain Biking in Eagle Colorado Videos

Pool and Ice Rink Flow Trail Dirt Drifter Downhill Trail My camp at the top of the Dirt Drifter Trail Head. The road to get up here was a bit rough, steep, narrow, but I made it in my 2wd minivan! Some of the best dirt around. The town of Eagle really takes care ofContinue reading “Mountain Biking in Eagle Colorado Videos”

The Dream Continues: Ten more days of bikepacking the Colorado Trail

It was almost 5 years ago that it came time to make another attempt at the Colorado Trail. So much has changed since then. My buddy Mike who I did it with last time is now married, raising a young boy, and has a full plate that wont allow him the time required to rideContinue reading “The Dream Continues: Ten more days of bikepacking the Colorado Trail”

Buffalo Creek 4.11.12

It was a good weekend to spend in Buffalo Creek. I dusted off the camping gear, headed out a night early, relaxed with a nights sleep in the hammock, and met Mike the next day for some sweet 30+ miles of single track. There is a cool little hideaway camp spot right off of theContinue reading “Buffalo Creek 4.11.12”

Snowshoeing the Crags 2.4.12

I have been on the fence for awhile about snow shoes. It looked like there is potential for some fun but wasn’t sure it would be worth getting a pair. I had a chance to try a couple different sets and was able to get a good idea of what I wanted in a snowContinue reading “Snowshoeing the Crags 2.4.12”