The best boat is Steamboat!

After a great time in Vail with my friends Paul and Becca I made my way to Steamboat Springs Colorado. Steamboat was one of my Colorado bucket list locations. Being a Colorado native there are lots of iconic mountain locations that I have not yet seen. In a matter of a couple of weeks I was able to check off Crested Butte, Vail, and now Steamboat! When I arrived in Steamboat it was hot! It was 94 degrees in town and you could tell it was really dry. I made my way up the Buffalo Pass road and after what seemed like hours (probably only 45 minutes) of bumpy rough steep dirt road and many occupied campsites I came across one of my best sites to date! When I arrived I knew I was going to stay for at least a week. I ended up staying 7 days that included 3 mountain bike rides, and a 2 day fishing/backpacking trip on the Continental Divide

My first adventure was riding the CDT to Fish Creek Falls Trail then taking the fork to Steamboat resort and ride a flow trail down.

Round lake off the Wyoming Trail (CDT)

Sweeping views over Steamboat Resort

This was the 3rd moose I saw this day. I spotted two more next to a small lake on the Divide earlier in the day.

This was my biggest ride of the year. 6k of climbing. I ran out of water on the Spring Creek trail and got rained on for about 2 hours.

The next day it was time to refuel with a big breakfast. I have gotten really good at making omelette and love making sweet potato has browns.

My next ride was a double diamond black trail called Grouse Ridge. It was very steep with lots of rollers with alternate lines. It was fun but lived up to the double diamond rating IMHO.

After descending the grouse ridge trail I hopped on the Flash of Gold Trail that was a freshly built climb with tons of switch backs that made for mellow elevation.

This section with aspens and ferns was a real treat. It was my first time seeing this time of fauna in Colorado.

Here is a grouse at the top of the Flash of Gold Trail. The next ride was descending down Flash of Gold trail then connecting to the BTR descent. This was also an excellent combination of trail in the area.

So after a couple of days resting up from the bike riding. I had planned a 2 day 1 night backpacking trip along the CDT to Luna lake.

After a 2 mile road climb (felt like 5 minles) I connected to the CDT to head north….

Beautiful looking day to start!

Steamboat was very pretty with lots of wild flowers even for how dry it was.

I had attained the ridge and was crusing along the Continental Divide.

Great trail on rolling terrain.

Here is Luna lake. I had the whole lake to myself and the fish were biting like crazy! Just about every cast I was getting a bite. Most were small brookies.

Luna lake was very pretty.

I perched my tarp overlooking the lake and was treated to this gorgeous sunset.

After some fishing and a nights rest I trekked back on the CDT. I got rained on again but this time was for about 4 hours. I kept a brisk pace and was able to dry off once I got back to my van.

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