Buffalo Creek 4.11.12

It was a good weekend to spend in Buffalo Creek. I dusted off the camping gear, headed out a night early, relaxed with a nights sleep in the hammock, and met Mike the next day for some sweet 30+ miles of single track.

There is a cool little hideaway camp spot right off of the colorado trail that I know about. This tree is the biggest one in the area and has a wicked knot on the bottom from it pushing against a boulder.

A welcome crossing at the top of Gas House. From here you can hit Charles cutoff and sandy wash that combine to what seems like 7 miles of fun flowy buff singletrack awesomeness.




common resting spot at the intersection of Shinglemill and Morrison Creek


Weather was excellent

29ers Rule!


Colorado Trail all the way back to the car. This section of CT is one of the best for MTB.


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