Back on the road! – Crested Butte Vanlife

So after a month of housesitting in Colorado Springs it  was time to get back on the road! After my tour in the desert I had planned a tour loosely following the Continental Divide from Colorado To Glacier National Park in Montana. Here is my van parked on the crest of the Continental Divide onContinue reading “Back on the road! – Crested Butte Vanlife”

Mountain Biking in Eagle Colorado Videos

Pool and Ice Rink Flow Trail Dirt Drifter Downhill Trail My camp at the top of the Dirt Drifter Trail Head. The road to get up here was a bit rough, steep, narrow, but I made it in my 2wd minivan! Some of the best dirt around. The town of Eagle really takes care ofContinue reading “Mountain Biking in Eagle Colorado Videos”

Little Creek Mesa

During my journey so far the Sun sets have been my most favorite part. Here I am enjoying one at my free camp right next to Little Creek Mesa trailhead just outside of Hurricane Utah. Enjoy this video with some great riding segments.  On my way from the North Rim of the Grand Canyon toContinue reading “Little Creek Mesa”

Buffalo Creek 4.11.12

It was a good weekend to spend in Buffalo Creek. I dusted off the camping gear, headed out a night early, relaxed with a nights sleep in the hammock, and met Mike the next day for some sweet 30+ miles of single track. There is a cool little hideaway camp spot right off of theContinue reading “Buffalo Creek 4.11.12”