Little Creek Mesa

During my journey so far the Sun sets have been my most favorite part. Here I am enjoying one at my free camp right next to Little Creek Mesa trailhead just outside of Hurricane Utah.

Enjoy this video with some great riding segments. 

On my way from the North Rim of the Grand Canyon to the Hurricane UT area I got the privilege of driving through Colorado City. If you don’t know much about Colorado City it’s a controversial polygamist town. This is one of the scenes on my way through it.

Arriving at camp late I made a quick dinner of leftovers. A salad, bacon, and some hot dogs.

 And it ended up raining with a little bit of snow that night. I woke up to some crappy weather and ended up waiting out some rain for the day. A little bit of water leaked into my van that cause me some stress. I decided I would troubleshoot the leak when I got to hurricane at the RV park with my dad. Later on I was able to pinpoint the problem coming from my rear vent window not being closed properly.  So for now it was time to just wait out the weather and go ride.

That evening the weather did clear up and I was able to get out for a quick hike and check out the trail system briefly. What I found was a huge expanse of slickrock and neat little carins stacked everywhere taunting me to follow.

One of the carins up close and personal.

I thought this tree was unique and took some time to take a picture of it.

Here’s my first glimpse of the amazing mesas that surround the St George and Hurricane Utah area. I was already impressed.

With the weather improving I was able to get my van fully set up and really start to enjoy camp. The camp site I had was really neat, secluded, and super clean.

A panoramic of the views of the valley below.

Here I am out on my bike checking out one of the exposed sections of trail. These are always fun to come across and you got to snap a picture if you can. I did this shot with my self timer. Not that easy of a shot to set up. 

And now I’m really starting to feel it! I am having a great ride and soaking in all the views

Dinner tonight is a free-range grass-fed beef patty with curry mayo,  fermented red cabbage, avocado with bean sprouts, and cantaloupe. So delicious! So I stayed at this camp for 3 nights and 2 full days. From here I will be meeting my dad at the Willow Wind Rv park and do some bike rides with him. 

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