Beartooth Mountains 07

For about the past 6 years I have stayed out here for a week and have had a chance to really explore the area on my mountain bike. I dont see how the scenery can get much better. The Absoraka Beartooths Mountains are on the NE corner of Yellowstone on the border of Wy and Montana.

There are two rides posted here. I did the ride a couple of diffrent ways, the first day I got rained on wrecked and broke my rib. The second day was just picture perfect.

Start of the ride

Cruzin along lots hopin it does not rain

Somehow my front tire got wedged between the side of the trail and this rock

Ended up OTB and took a handle bar to my rib cage OUCH broken rib

Plenty of water features

Fork in the road

And the Downhill Begins

Mud kept clogging up my fork

And a quick wash to get the mud off and this completes the first ride

Perfect weather for day two!

Dank Trail to start off on

Every great ride requires a bit of Hike-A-Bike


Not my best self timer shot

More climbing

Cruzin Along just blown away with the scenery

Time for a little break and siphon some crystal clear glaicer water

Getting close to the top

Start of day two downhill no mud this time!

Nice Shot Jay!

More DH Shots

The last part of the ride was all marsh around the lake but rideable

And the Final Stream Crossing

So I hope you enjoyed the show. I spent extra time trying to get good shots with my MTB Peeps in mind!

Colorado Trail Molas Pass To Hotel Draw


This trip to Durango was one of our best of all time. Early into backcountry mountain biking this area offered up a sweet section of the Colorado Trail. Most of the 20 mile section of the Colorado Trail we rode was at or above tree line. Eager to test my abilities against a plush section of high alpine I picked to ride the section of the Colorado Trail from the top of Molas Pass to Celebration Lake. I plan on a multi day trip connecting about 70 miles of singletrack from Molas all the way back to Durango.

Our campsite was cool we got in late the night before and randomly fell upon a spot in the middle of a cow pasture. I remember waking up in the middle of the night to the sound of a cow ripping up grass just outsitde the tent. I could hear it breating and chewing the grass and ocassionally it would trip on the tent guy lines shaking the tent.

Engineer Mountain. I want to thank my dad for lending me his camera to capture the spectacular trip.

The start of the Ride. Mike is on his brand new Session 7 after the Raliegh got stolen this summer of 2006.

Twisty Colorado Trail. It was a bit dry.

My favorite Jersey

Go figure Mike with a flat.

Here is a pic of me right after I had Lasic Surgery. Man it was cool to wear sunglasses again. I will say my night vision was off as I hit a Mountain Lion driving on HY160 at dusk.

Ah the ole Stupmy. This may be the ride that made me realize 100mm of travel aint enough

Mike bombing a cool alpine section of the Colorado Trail I was chillin at the top of the pass when i took this photo. I need to look at my map and see what the name of this pass was. I know it was well of 12k feet.

Dank ass woods. Check hot the girth on that pine!

Mike checking the map one last time to finish the ride and get us back to camp. Is he wearing a snowboard coat? I remember my bike falling over after leaning it aginst the post.

I love the San Juans unlike any other range in Colorado. This was the tail end of the ride and it was about 90% downhill from here back to camp.

And were done. Mike busted out the celabatory beers! Notice Mikes zipper is down from touching himself…….