Lower Sand Creek Lake

Lower Sand Creek Lake is one of the most beautiful places I have ever explored in Colorado. The Photo below is of Tijeras Peak Located in the heart of the Sangre De Cristo Wilderness. I definitely want to go back soon.
Lower Sand Creek Lake 9.21.2008 I woke up right at the break of dawn and saw the peak glowing unlike anything I have ever seen.

Ryan is signing us in at the Music Pass Trail head. There is a short 4WD road to get here

The hike up to the top of Music Pass is pretty easy. I could start to feel the altitude and the weather was perfect!

Here I am at the saddle of Music Pass and the wilderness boundry. The panoramic views here were amazing.

I brought my two small dogs on this trip and they did great. Lucy (aka double back Lucy) did double the miles because she would trot ahead of us then run back, trot ahead run back over and over.

Here is a shot of trail on the switch backs aproaching the lake. The forest gets damp and dark through here.

This is one of the first views you get as you come out of the woods to the lake shore. Spectacular! I ended up picking a fishing spot back along the scree field below the peak which turned out to be a great idea. I was catching the most beautiful trout left and right and was planning on having a delicious trout dinner. Unfortunately the three beautiful trout I had on my line escaped. Oh well maybe next time.

A view of the lake looking at the north shore. My camera certainly did not have a wide enough lens to capture everthing the area had to offer.

So the weather went from sunny and clear to cold and rainy in what seemed like 5 minutes. Despite things getting soggy I loved this camp site. I like the well constructed fire pit and seating.

A picture of Sand Creek on our way out.Overall about 6 miles of hiking and not too much vertical. I would highly recommend this trip. It would be good to stay an extra day or two stay a night at Upper Sand Creek Lake. Cant wait to make another trip.

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