Grand Caravan Minivan Camper Build! – Prescott Arizona

Check out Dace’s Grand Caravan Minivan Camper build. This video offers an in-depth tour of his build so far and a detailed explanation of his custom cubby cabinets. They turned out great!

After and Amazing time in Southern Arizona spring is around the corner and it was time to make my way north. My first stop was to the town of Prescott Arizona to visit my friend Dace and his Mom Chris. Dace is working on his Grand Caravan camper conversion and I was here to help for a couple weeks.

Even though it was March winter was still in Arizona. Prescott is about 5000 ft in elevation and is full of rolling hills and ponderosa forest.

I thought I’d escaped winter but a decent amount of snow fell. After a few relaxing days of waiting out the weather, we were able to get going on the build. Dace and I made huge progress and got the cabinets built while I was there. The conversion is about 80% done and think he is really going to enjoy it.

I had a great time with Dace and has family but I was ready to make my way further north towards Utah. I want to set myself up for some more adventures that I have been eyeballing. Before leaving leaving town I decided to camp in the National Forest outside of Prescott. I found this beautiful sight that was surrounded with miles of miles of prime singletrack. Next time I come back I will be riding my bike!

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