Little Van in Big Places | Page AZ

Brace yourself for the stunning photos of Horseshoe Bend and the Page Arizona area in this video. If you ever get to this tip of Lake Powell I highly recommend exploring. There’s a lot more to see than just Antelope Canyon.

After being static in Prescott for a couple weeks I was excited to get on the road and have some action. I was feeling my groove and my Van was driving fantastic.

I highly recommend this Bencmark Maps Atlas regardless of what state you’re in.

And the Non-Technical Canyon Hiking Guide to the Colorado Plateau has been my Bible and my secret for exploring the Southwest

Horseshoe Bend was spectacular and exceeded my expectations. It was elbow to elbow tourists and you had to wait your turn to snag a photo.

This family asked for me to take their family photos in front of the band period I think they were impressed with my selfie stick.

It felt good that they asked me to take their photo. The place was crazy busy but I think they picked up on my calm demeanor. I sent it to one of the family members through email and they were very grateful.

After waiting out some rain and getting resupplies in the town of Page, I eaked out of town about 25 miles and found this incredible free campsite. It’s not very often I get chills from where I am staying

Definitely in my happy place at this campsite. It was gorgeous with massive crags everywhere. I was near Lake Powell but could not see the lake from where I was perched. There were neat little hikes and small slot canyons to explore.
I felt like I was on planet Hoth here. Que Star Wars theme music.

Spending this much time outdoors and in nature you really get connected. I love how time slows down and you forget what day it is.

I never knew my cell phone can take pictures of the moon. Wow!

Tools of the Trade. I use these items on a daily basis to do things like pickup trash dig cat holes, pound in stakes, and rake rocks away. I use the rope to usually make a closed line and dry or air them out.

All in all I stayed here for about a week. I enjoyed the relaxation and especially enjoyed the two hikes I found. Wiregrass Canyon and some unknown hike next to camp were very rugged and exciting. I also found boldering nearby but unfortunately did not have my climbing shoes with me

The camping was spectacular and felt very adventurous. I would love to explore here more and hope you come back soon.

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