Botanical Gardens, Mountain Biking, and a Bike Thief – Tucson AZ

Tucson is my favorite big city in Arizona. I love the comforting weather, 360 degree mountain views, easy access to free camping, and it’s big city amenities like Costco and In and Out Burger. It also comes with its problems too. I decided to stealth camp in the city the night before a shuttle ride I had booked. I had trouble finding a spot I was comfortable with and settled for a sketchy hotel parking lot. Alarmingly I was awakened at 3 a.m. by a bike thief climbing on my bike rack. I pulled back my window covering and yelled at what looked like a young female and male. They were alarmed too as they probably didn’t think I was sleeping inside the vehicle. They muttered something like we’re packing luggage but I saw them take off. I no longer felt safe so I left and stayed the night at a Walmart that didn’t allow overnight camping.

Check out my video where I talk more about the bike thief, give you a tour of the Tucson Botanical Garden, and take you along an awesome downhill bike ride.

Tucson has quickly become one of my favorite cities to travel to. Mainly because of the winter weather, but also because it is beautiful. Supplies and gas are affordable for the most part and there is lots of free camping. Even though it’s trashy, I like to stay on a strip of BLM land on the west side of town. I have affectionately named it the “Trash Pit” . Technically it’s called Snyder Hill BLM and it’s a very popular boondocking area. Also a very popular place for the locals to dump their trash. I always make an effort to pack out a bag or two of trash while camping there.

I rarely do touristy shit but I took an opportunity to check out the Tucson Botanical Gardens. I’m really glad I did! I got to spend time with the cacti and vegetation that I’ve so come to love here.

This Cactus VW was a neat suprise. Fun Fact: I love Volkswagens and owned 5 different VW Beetles growing up. Maybe one day I’ll restore one again.
The Styrofoam cups keep the tips of the cacti from freezing.

After a good time checking out the botanical gardens it was time for me to get ready for a bike ride. I had booked a shuttle to do a downhill ride!

My shuttle assisted bike ride down the Bug Springs/La Milagrosa Trail was very technical. It started up high in the Ponderosa forest and ended down in the desert with massive saguaro cactus everywhere. I had a couple of spills but overall a great ride with big descending. I think I had over 3,000 feet of downhill! I used Homegrown Mountain Bike Tours as a shuttle service. It was was a good experience.

After an awesome time in Tucson and over two months in Southern Arizona it was time for me to head north. On my way out of town I come across this beautiful free spot in Tucson Estates.

It’s time to head north to the town of Prescott AZ to help a friend with his minivan camper build.

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