Jackson Wyoming Vanllife

I arrived in Jackson on a Monday and realized how busy but beautiful this town was. When I was a teenager I briefly drove through Jackson with my family but barely remember the town and Teton National Park.  Taking a peek at my mountain biking trails apps there were some good rides right from my camp. This is my free campsite off of a dirt road near Mike Harris campground. I am actually camped in Idaho on the Idaho side of the Teton Pass. What a great spot this turned out to be. It had creek running nearby, huckleberries, butterflies, and white tailed deer that made a visit. 

 A friendly butterfly visiting my camp. It was hard for me to meet people on the road so I was grateful for any type of company.

 Blueberry paleo pancakes, 2 fried eggs, and bacon to fuel up for a ride.

On the radar is Mail Cabin Trail. After a quick jaunt peddling up the highway I was treated to lush singletrack in peak wildflower season.

I am not going to lie. This trail is very tough. It started with some gradual climbing but after a few miles turned to steep hike a bike up to the ridge.

 Large talus field on the way up.

Once the hike a bike was over the trail descends down with brief climbs along the ridge with sweeping views both left and right. It was gorgeous up here! After a few more miles on the ridge the trail forks on a steep downhill that took me right back to camp. This ride was a blast and would highly recommend it.

After a chill day in the van reading Survivor, I found a short ride from my camp. These trails were freshly cut and very fun. I was stoked!

It was almost as if Gnomes came out the night before and groomed the trail for me.

Loam…. Loam for days…
The trails I ended riding this day were Rush hour (I went OTB overshooting a small bridge on the way down), Nemo, and, Grumpy. Grumpy was one of the funnest, coolest, little trails I have ever ridden! It is a true gem for being just 1.7 miles. Ride it if you can. 

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