Grand Teton/Yellowstone National Park – Vanlife

 #vanlife  😎 Seriously. This is such an iconic vanlife photo! I have not mentioned this yet but I do have a name for my van. I call my van Ody One. Or Ody for short.

 I hit GTNP just at the right time. I rolled in after a day of resupplying in Jackson and was treated to calm lakes and mirroring views of jagged peaks that reminded me of the alps in Europe.

Soak it up! That is the Grand Teton peak off in the distance. Grand Teton translates  “the big tit”!

 So I stealth camped in my van in an undisclosed location and woke up early to hike to bradley lake and catch some fish on my birthday! Thats right, its my birthday! Its my birthday!

 Ok, not going to complain here. The Tetons are amazing.

This way… To the lake….

Yeah, I caught some fish… On My Birthday!!!!

 I wish I knew the name of this rushing creek but I don’t.

 So here is my birthday dinner. Fresh caught trout over jasmine rice. With a large salad. So I do need to correct myself. Technically this is the day before my birthday, July 27th. The following day will be my birthday but I wanted to celebrate today since I knew I would be driving most of my actual bday.

 I was treated to the BEST sunset of the adventure in GTNP! This was my 5th National Park this year! Nice!

 So the next day it was north through Yellowstone National Park making this National Park number 7. I have been to Yellowstone so many times. Seriously I have been to this National Park so many times I cannot count. Its probably between 10 – 12 visits. So anyways, I really did not spend much time in Yellowstone and just wanted to make my way through to my next destination. The Beartooth/Absaroka Mountains.

I stopped for a quick picture along Yellowstone Lake. Yellowstone Lake is the largest  natural high altitude freshwater lake in the US. I was able to make a few phone calls and catch up with a few close friends and family. Cell service was few and far between in the National Parks. Something you get used to on the road.

Sulphur Caldron

You are pretty much guaranteed to see buffalo in Yellowstone.

 And a little bit of National Park humor to finish the post. Taken from inside one of the bathrooms in Yellowstone NP.

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