Hurricane UT and Gooseberry Mesa

After my time in Little Creek Mesa, I made my way into the town of Hurricane Utah to spend some time with my dad. I was able to pull into his RV slip at the Willow Winds RV park and take advantage of the facilities. It was great to have laundry and showers right there and be able to hang out with my dad for a week.
Video with some great slickrock riding segments. 

When I first got to St George I did a resupply and me and my dad checked out the temple in Downtown St George. It was impressive and certainly looked holy.

We also did a bike ride in Zion National Park. It was great to ride through the Zion Valley as they only allow bikes and shuttle buses up and down the main road. As we cruise through the valley we felt like we had the whole place to our self except for an occasional shuttle bus we had to pull over for.

The Virgin River.

All the way up the canyon there were stunning views of the red rock cliffs that make Zion so popular.

The views seem endless as we make our way up the canyon.

Impressive rock everywhere! I will have to make another trip to Zion and hike Angels Landing and the Zion Narrows. There are some great hikes in this National Park.

Here we are getting a father and son picture by the entrance of Zion. What a great ride this was. I left my cross bike at home and didn’t mind riding pavement on my MTB for this one.

Later on that week we made our way to the JEM Trail. It was fantastic and my dad rode great on very technical singletrack.

The JEM Trail was really flowy and fast coming down. Lots of fun little jumps and drops.

Back at the camp my dad purchased a hummingbird feeder it was fun to watch the antics of hummingbirds as they took advantage of the sweet nectar.

It was late April and roses were blooming everywhere in the St George area. It was nice to get an early jump on summer as everyday was about 85 degrees and sunny.

I love this picture of me, my dad, my Aunt Nola, and Uncle John. I got to spend some quality time with all of them and this night we had a delicious barbecue at my dad’s campground.

Whiskey’s by the fire pit in the Willow Wind RV Park.

So after a few days of taking advantage of the camping at my dad’s RV park I wanted to get out for some more adventure. I made my way to Gooseberry Mesa and found this amazing camp spot right on the  North ridge of the Mesa. I was one of the best camping spots I had so far. Amazing views, seclusion, and amazing trails just yards from my camp. Click on this panorama and check it out full size!

Here is a sample of the massive slick rock area on Gooseberry Mesa. This day I rode the Windmill Trail to South Mesa. South Mesa was rated double black. 

One morning I managed to get up and enjoy the spectacular sunrise.. My spirit was high and every day was a blast!

My campsite was overlooking the Red Bull Rampage riding area. It was really neat to look down and see this infamous free riding area. This picture was taken during my ride on the Gander Trail.

I was able to take advantage of all the amazing riding on Gooseberry Mesa and there is still a good bit of single track that I missed. The sunshine, warm weather, and scenic location made this one of the best destinations so far. I can not recommend this area enough.

This night I had a full moon to rock me to sleep.

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