Review – How I Shower in a Minivan

Really its an outdoor shower setup that will work for just about any camper. My simple outdoor shower setup consists of the following items all availalble on Amazon without breaking your budget. I hope this helps give you some ideas on what might work for you. YouTube video tour HERE

Pop up Shower Stall

Rechargeable Shower Head/Pump

RainLeaf Microfiber 24″ x 48″ Towel

Dura-Rug Recycled Mat, 20″ x 30″

Folding 6″ Stool

3 Gallon Bucket

The inside of the shower stall is roomy. There is no roof so lots of sunlight comes in. With me being tall at 6’2″ there is plenty of room for me to stand.  I love the RainLeaf microfiber towel and it is available in a variety of colors and sizes.

I like bringing in my folding foot stool. It makes a great shelf for tolitries or comes in hadny if I feel like sitting down while washing. The Dura Rug keeps the mud off my feet and a place for the water to not pool up under me. I love the Dura Rug Mat and out of all the outdoor mats I have used for vanlife this is by far my favorite. Does anybody else remeber these mats made from recycled tires?

Its important to tilt the bucket to get most of the water up into the submursable pump. I went with a 3 gallon bucket vs. a 5 gallon bucket to save room inside my small minivan. This bucket also acts as a stool, and storage bin. I just use a rock to get the angle on the bucket.


This simple outdoor shower set up really gets the job done. My preference is to shower at a truck stop or recreation center but for extended boondocking stays this system has kept me clean and fresh! I do have to consider water consumption and will typically wait for warmer weather to use the system.


– Most of the items to make up this shower are used for other purposes as well. The shower head also makes a great sprayer when its time to wash my mountain bike or dishes.

– Pop up shower stall offers privacy and blocks the wind

– Shower head and rechargable pump have been reliable and charge via USB.

– Ability to take a hot shower and feel fresh and clean while boondocking


– Pop up shower tent is difficult to fold up

– Boiling water takes time and uses fuel

– Each shower consumes water. If there is a stream or well near my camp I will try and use that water source for my showers and dishes. I will even collect rain water if I can.

Amazon links below

Pop up Shower Stall

Rechargable Shower Head/Pump

RainLeaf Microfiber 24″ x 48″ Towel

Dura-Rug Recycled Mat, 20″ x 30″

Folding 6″ Stool

3 Gallon Bucket

YouTube Video Tour of the Shower HERE

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