South Dakota!

Mt. Rushmore in all its glory!

When I was preparing for vanlife I did a lot of research and of course watched many Youtube videos of active vanlife vloggers. By far my favorite vanlife vlogger and probably overall Youtuber is Adventure Van Man! Be sure to check out his channel.  He posted a video a couple of years back at this exact same spot. I had it written down on my list of premium boondocking spots to visit and here I was!

Not a bad place to sit and read dune. I am starting off really slow with this book but enjoy Frank Herbert’s writing and the complex universe he has created with the Dune series.

I was camped right on the edge of the Badlands. I stayed here for a couple days and had really good weather except for the one morning I was socked in with fog and could only see about 5 feet in front of me. Other than the views there was not much to do so I made my way to Rapid City SD to visit some family.

Here is my stepdaughter Susan and her husband Nate. They make a great couple and seem to really compliment each other. Both have good jobs and their own side businesses.  One of those businesses ia a Hookah lounge. I have never really spent time in a hookah lounge before but I sure spent a lot of time at the one in Rapid City. Their lounge is called the Sahara Nights Lounge and is right downtown. The lounge has a gaming theme and I really enjoyed smoking the hookah. It was less like smoking and more like vaping. It was very social and I got to meet many of Susans friends.

We went to a Speakeasy that Susan and Nate knew of and we had some really good drinks. I messed up though. I wanted to order a whisky sour and goofed and ordered an old fashioned. I have never had and old fashioned before but they are very sweet and I did not like it. Unknowingly the bartender made us custom cocktails based on the first drinks we ordered so mine ended up all being sweet until I tried one of their fine whiskeys on the rocks.
Susans 2 dogs. Fao and I want to say Nymeria

I played my first game of disk golf and had a blast. We just played for fun and really didn’t keep score. I would definitely like to play disc golf again. It seems to be more up my alley then regular golf.

We had a great time checking out Mt Rushmore in the Black Hills. I really enjoyed seeing the monument for the first time. When I first arrived the Mt Rushmore was not as big as I thought but still very impressive. You can see the whole monument above our heads.

A close up of President George Washington. I was impressed with the detail.

After visiting Mt. Rushmore we made a stop at Custer State Park and hiked around. It’s a very beautiful park and we just saw a tiny portion of it.

Cathedral Spires Custer State Park SD.

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