Time to hit the Road!

For at least 10 years now I have been dreming about a new lifestyle and ways live more freely and minimally. I needed to wait for my son to graduate college and free up my final responsibilities. I had my son when I was 21 and that made my timeline in life very different than most people I know my age. My son Seth who is an amazing person graduated debt free and landed a lucrative Software Engineering job immediately after graduating. Now its time for me to make a change. A BIG CHANGE! The picture above is me in my driveway of my old house before I left for good and started Vanlife!

I wanted to live a life that was less about buying things and spending money and instead live my life more deliberately, more in the moment, more in tune with nature, and my well being.. I got rid of almost everything I owned and ended up storing just a few things at my dads house.. Everything else  is in my Van.  I have no debt, barely any bills, and my biggest expense now is food and gas. I am hoping by living a simple, minimal lifestyle I can elevate my spirit and wellbeing and do more of my favorite activity…. Exploring!

Ok don’t laugh at my first real attempt at making a YouTube Video. Please watch, like, and subscribe to my channel. I plan on adding more videos as my adventure progresses.  

I only planned my first 2 campsites and this abandoned ranch home was an interesting site along the way to my first free camp on the rim of Cucharras Canyon outside of Walsenburg Colorado. I have been using Freecampsites.net to find free dispersed camping on BLM or National Forest land.
Here is the campsite and my van set up and ready for living. If you are interested in my van build you can read about that HERE. I had this place all to myself and it was great to try out my setup. Everything worked great!

This is the view 30 yards from my campsite. I have backpacked this canyon before. You can read about that adventure here.

Cucumber Salad, Salmon over Jasmine rice. I plan on keeping my cooking game strong on the road.

I went for a little hike along the canyon rim and had a great time hiking off trail.

And found this old dilapidated outhouse.

And a lonely tree…..

More randon off trail hiking.

My mountain bike is along for the adventure and is a great tool for exploring deeper into the areas around my campsite.

This time I took a ride to the bottom of the Canyon.

Turkey burger with salsa, sweet potato hash browns, fermented carrots, and an avocado! Bring on the power of Paleo!

Another trip to the canyon bottom on my bike. 

Ahhh the sunsets! I love them and get to be part of almost everyone now.

Thanks for reading along. And more posts to come!

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