12 Hours of Mesa Verde 4.12.13

12 hours of Mesa Verde continues to be one of the toughest races I have ever taken on. This race consists of  a 12 hour 2 person team relay on a physically strenuous course. Every year I have done this race I get devastating cramps despite my best efforts with a solid hydration/supplement strategy. Regardless I love this race and there is nothing like a really good beat down. Plus its always fun to race with Mike.We finished midpack somewhere but that didnt really matter because we had an excellent time.!

 Pre party the night before

 Paul Chen’s gf Rachel catching frogs. I think that is her dog buster in the background. That dog is a character.

 Mike taking the start of this race! First lap is always crazy…

 Kristian probably getting high in his tent..

 The best part of this race is you finish with a cow trough of ice cold Ska beers!! Modis is my favorite along with Mexican Logger.

And a great sunset to finish the day.

Our lap times.

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