Lower Sand Creek Lake and Bishops Castle

Here we are getting ready to head out for the hike. Seth got to drive the 4 wheel road up and it turned out to be a bit hectic for a new driver!

I made a trip to Lower Sand Creek Lake in Sept of 2008 and could not wait for an opportunity to go back. The hike is fun but not to strenuous and the views and camping are about the best it gets. Seth and I were in full swing with summer and up for the challenge. It was the longest and toughest backpacking trip that I have taken Seth on to date and he did extremely well outdoing his ole man on several of the steep parts of the hike. All in all it was a blast and a great time with my son. I was really proud of him on this trip.

Here we are starting to get the hike going. Probably about a mile in.

Here is the view at the top of Music Pass. One of the best out there! Music Pass is about 3 miles in from the hike. Its hard to see but to the left is the basin the Lower Sand Creek Lake and to the right is the Upper Sand Creek Lake. I have not been to the upper lake yet but looks tempting.



We descend on the valley below Music Pass and cross Sand Creek. Sand Creek flows all the way to the Great Sand Dunes!

After hiking up for about another 3 miles you get to the lower lake. Seth takes a minute to take in the unbelievable views.

Here is the view of 13,604ft tall Tijeras Peak

As we arrived at the lake we were greeted by a heard of Mountain Goats. It was a big highlight of the trip to see these guys scurry up the side of the mountain.

Our campsite was awesome and we spent a good bit of time and effort cleaning up the area and making a cool, comfortable camp spot. Cant wait to go back and enjoy it some more!

After a great nights rest and some good times chillin around the lake and at camp we start to pack and get ready to head out.

Seth leaping over logs

One final look at Tijeras Peak. Killer View

And we cross the Sand Creek again

Taking a look back at the Peak and Basin we were just at.

Seth kicked my butt badly going up the hill to Music Pass.

And here we are back at the trail head. We did not get any good photos but while we were taking a break on our way down from Music Pass back to the Jeep we came across a Amish Family of about 10. They had the works, Bonnets, suspenders, pants that pulled up to their chest. One guy even had a corn cob pipe. No Joke


Bishops Castle.

On our way back we stopped by Bishops Castle. I have never been there and Seth said it was worth checking out so we did.

An old model of the castle on a trailer.

Children playing by fire.

We explore and wind our way up the spiral stair case. I kept bumping my head.

Interesting Art laying around the castle.

Hey whats up Seth!

No way in hell Im going up there. All the wire scaffolding scared the crap out of me. If you look up in the globe you can see a kid playing up there.

Kings of the Castle!

What a great weekend with my son!

One thought on “Lower Sand Creek Lake and Bishops Castle

  1. Thanks for the report on Lower Sand Creek Lake. BTW, It's probably a good thing you didn't take photos of the Amish. Most of them really dislike having a photo made. I've been to the Great Sand Dunes, but look to go back and do some backpacking or at least a long dayhike in the mountains. We did do the primitive road in our jeep.


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