Snowshoeing on the Front Range 2.24.13

Yes I like snowshoeing very much. It makes for some great winter adventure with little effort and money. It has basically replaced any itch to go up to the resorts and snowboard. Its nice to be able to wait for a nice dump of snow locally and hit some of my favorite trials covered in glistening white gold!

Problem is this year its barely snowed and lucly some snow fall caught up end of Febuary and was able to get out. Enjoy!


Climbing up Gold Camp

I used my micro spikes on the way up. Snow was already packed down.



St Marys was very pretty coverd in snow.



Stove Mountain


Frozen St Marys Falls


I made some coffee and had some peanuts.. It was chillin…



So that wraps up my St Marys Trip. I had came up with a really cool loop that I hope to do again soon.



It Snowed pretty good up in Monument the next day so Keith and I made our way up to track in some fresh snow!

It was snowing hard. very fun!

Managed to test out Keiths new  9mm

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