November Biking at its Finest

November of 2012 was amazing. 70 and 60 degree days galore and tons of mild weather singltrack riding. I have been working on my riding shots and think I am getting a bit better.Let me know what you think

kristian and I had a great Mount Herman ride. Kristian got this great shot up on Black Perl

Rocking out on AFA!

This is a real fun swoopy corner!

Does pDubs ever ride without his tongue sticking out???

Here we are at Straton Open space and HTRN is getting all BMXer style around this beast of a corner!

Whooo Hoooo!

Open your eyes man!


Another amazing day of riding out at Stratton open space. Thanksgiving was recent so it was nice to do a chill ride with my good friends and burn some calories.

kristian up on black perl in the Mount Herman area.

And in case you missed it here is the post on the Epic Pipeline Night Ride that our night ride group did at the end of November. This night ride was done after work riding about 15 miles from high up inside the Pike National Forest and was almost all down hill all the way back into town. You can see pictures of it HERE

Lots of sunshine and mild weather for this November. Looks like another dry winter upon us here on the Front Range.Well I guess that means more dry trail and a great winter riding season…..

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