12 Hours of Mesa Verde 5.12.2012

IMG_1403The start of a very fun race. 12 Hours of Mesa Verde is located outside of Cortez Colorado at a trail system called Phils World. Phils world is a mountain bikers paradise consisting of twisty, incredibly flowy single track. There were amazing roller coaster type sections of trail that would drop you almost weightlessly from one end of the gully and up the next with a huge fast berm to turn you right back into the gully to do it again. You never had to touch your breaks or pedal, brilliant trail design there!

Catching air off of one of the roller coaster sections.


Here I am coming in for my last lap in pain, exhausted, fatigued, and mentally and emotionally drained. Wow what a great time!  This race was much tougher than expected and the course was a blast. All in all Mike and I rode over 100 miles and came in about 27th out of 40 teams in our bracket. I take that as a huge improvement over our last endurance race (Rage in the Sage) where our team came in last.

Mike did a great writeup of the race on his blog here

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