Yellowstone/Beartooth 2008

Another awesome trip to the Beartooths this year with new adventures and a trip to YNP. For some reason the Island Lake > Beartooth Lake trail has it out for me. Seth brought along his friend Haven and my Dad got up there without his Bronco breaking down.. ha ha The weather was perfect but our backpacking trip to Beauty lake did not work out as well as planned thanks to the constant mosquito attacks!!! The river behind the cabin offered non stop cast and catch fishing for a couple of days. The river was high and there was a good bit of snow up on the Beartooth Plateau that made for muddy hiking and biking. Unfortunately I wiped out on one of my bike rides with Haven and broke my hand leading to 5 screws and a plate to put it back together again. No worries we still had a great time and had lots of fun. I will never forget the 2 day long risk battle that ended in a stalemate between Seth and I (:

As always great food, amazing adventure, unreal fishing, and great company made this another grand Yellowstone vacation.
This is a long slide show but worth it. You can make the slideshow full screen by clicking on the button in the lower right corner of the frame. I managed to get some good shots off this year. Seth and Haven did there part to capture some good photos also.

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